Complete Wine Course

A fun wine course to help you understand wine like the experts, online and in your own time.

The course will help you begin to taste and describe wine like an expert, discuss and order wine with confidence, save money when purchasing wine, avoid faulty wines, match food and wine and more besides!

Divided into four sections, the course can be approached in sequence, as a learning programme, or may be used as a simple reference tool.

The Taste Trainer

The Taste Trainer is the starting point. Using exercises and quizzes it covers how your senses work, wine tasting practicalities, blind tasting and methods of wine scoring.

Why Wines Differ

Here you will learn the reasons for how a wine tastes as it does, including the effect of the grape variety, as well as the location, vine growing, winemaking, and the vintage year on taste.

Avoiding the Pitfalls

This section covers the practical aspects of wine, such as good storage practices, wine service, understanding the label, as well as matching wine to food and how to buy with confidence.

The World Wine Library

Here you'll find details of all of the major wine regions for easy reference.


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