Ale Trumps®

Hop to it and beer winner (but never a bitter loser).*

‘What inspired you to come up with Ale Trumps?’

This is a question we’ve been asked on a number of occasions since we launched the pack. Although we truthfully reply ‘because we love real ale and thought it would be fun,’ it was also because we thought it would be easy! How misguided we were. The British brewing industry is a traditional one and it seems one slow to recognise a marketing opportunity. Getting information from many of the brewers was akin to interrogation; Peter’s tenacity in obtaining beer production levels alone took weeks of persistence, the affect of which can likely still be witnessed on the thumbs of head brewers throughout the country.

We hope you’ll find his efforts worthwhile however, as we’re getting some great comments from people who’ve bought a pack. We also hope the game encourages you to spread your wings beyond your usual brew. If it does we can sleep easier in the knowledge that those featured in the pack might feel their pains were worth it!

Ale Trumps® features a selection of 34 of the UK's top ales and is played along the lines of other Trumps games, under the following categories: the age of the brewery, its production level, the strength of the beer, its depth of colour, its rarity and refreshment potential. Each card carries a tasting note for the beer and a brief history of the brewery, so the game offers the chance for players to enhance their beer knowledge at the same time as enjoying a fun competitive challenge.

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*Taken from the 1978 book of CAMRA beer puns.
Peter Slinger was the beer brains behind the project, a passionate and entertaining orator for Taste of the Vine's beer tastings.
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